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Search Process

We commence our search with a detailed review of the position being offered. Ideally we like to meet with the employer to discuss all aspects of the position; including company culture, expectations and salary.

Our candidate selection begins with a thorough review of our database, as we are interviewing candidates on a regular basis, we may have "just the right candidate" registered with us. We also advertise your position in a number of unique ways including print and web based media.

The position will be registered on our web page which receives hundreds of visits a month from job seekers in the property management industry. We will also broadcast the position through our "Employment Update" which delivers new job openings directly to hundreds of potential candidates via their email. Additionally, the position will be advertised through print media and on one of Canada's largest on-line job sites.

Our advertisements are designed to attract only the most suitable candidates. Munday Recruiting has many contacts in the industry, we are often able to "seek out" candidates that may not be actively looking for a new position but may be interested in the one that you have to offer.


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